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Yakima Appliance Repair Service

Every customer we serve has a different situation with a different story. It is our job to make sure we bring the best service to your home in a quick and timely manner. Each appliance unit takes a unique series of parts configured to work properly as a whole. With years of experience an appliance technician gains familiarity with a wide variety of brands and models. Once we have a good idea of the brand and model we are working with, we will discover your project's complexity. We provide the finest Yakima Appliance Repair services. Some brands design their machines in a more complicated way than others, and each unit brings up different challenges depending upon the type of repair needed. The more information we can get from you about your machine the easier we will be able to asses the situation and find a quick fix for your machine.  


STEP ONE: Give us a call and let us know what is wrong with your appliance and any other helpful information you might know. The more we know the better we can diagnose the problem and find a quick solution. Having this information ready when you call: what appliance is in need of repair, what is the brand of the appliance, details about what the appliance is doing, and when we can come fix it. 

STEP TWO: Share the best times we can come to fix your appliance and we will let you know when we are the soonest available. Once we figure out a schedule and have you on our list we can then come to your house or have you bring the appliance in for repair. Keep in mind that some appliance repairs takes ordering specific parts and we have to wait for those parts to show up before we can complete the repair project for you. 

STEP THREE: We fix your appliance and get your house back in working order! This is the final step and as you can see, the appliance repair process is not very complicated but it does take following these steps in order to get it done. We want to help you get your appliances up in running condition again as soon as possible and we look forward to working with you. Please give us a call and set up an appointment!

Washer and Dryer Repair

Repairs for washers and dryers is a common call for appliance repair. Often times washers can get clogged or computers can go out which cause a variety of problems. Dryers can get clogged as well which can be a safety hazard. Often times we have dryers with heating elements that go out which prevent the machine from drying the clothes. 

Stove Oven Repairs

There are a variety of different types of stove tops. Electric stoves are common with both heating elements below a grate or heating elements below glass. Gas stove tops are also common, both natural gas and propane, each comes with a variety of different possible problems. Some problems are more complicated to fix than others while some are quite simple to fix. 

Refrigerator Repair

As time has progressed so has the development of the refrigerator. When computers were first introduced to the refrigerator they become more complicated and yet more efficient. They also become more complicated to repair due to the progression of computer technology. Now when something doesn't work on a refrigerator it can take longer to fix. 

Working With An Appliance Repair Technician

When hiring a technician the process starts with relaying information about the problem over the phone. The more accurate information you can give to the technician the better. It makes their job easier to identify and solve the problem you are dealing with. Once the technician has a general idea of the situation they often will need to have a hands on evaluation of the appliance. When an technician can physically inspect a machine and run some tests it is easier for them to pin point the exact problem that is going on. A majority of the time the technician uses tools to electrically test different parts of the machine. Sometimes however, a problem might be more simple and due to experience a technician and figure it out and fix it fairly quick. Once a technician has identified the exact problem, then we can move to the next phase of solving the problem and completing the repair. A technician that works on machines day in and day out starts to carry spare parts with them that are common fixes. If you have one of these problems you are in for a treat because it can be fixed on the spot without delay. If the problem is more complicated than certain parts have to be ordered in order to complete the repair. Keep this in mind as you talk to one of our technicians and schedule a repair for your machine.