Being An Appliance Repair Technician

Being an appliance repair technician comes with a variety of different aspects to the job and lifestyle. A lot of repair technicians are mobile and they spend their time traveling to different locations where appliances need repairs. This means an appliance repair tech is going to have to carry all their tools with them in a service van or truck so that they don't have to make multiple trips to get the job done. A technician typically is call driven, meaning they receive a phone call with someone explaining they have an appliance that isn't acting normal anymore. Once the service technician is able to get as much information as possible over the phone, then they will schedule a visit to go and see the appliance in person. Sometimes the appliance is able to be fixed right there on the spot depending upon the situation. Other times the repair is much more in depth and parts have to either be purchased from a local store or ordered online which can both extent the time it takes to fix the appliance properly. 

 Each appliance repair technician is going to be working for themselves, meaning their own business, or they will be working for a larger business as one of their employees or on a contract. If a technician is working for a larger company then they will be servicing all of their calls that come through their business. Each technician might have the ability to specialize in certain appliances depending upon the size of the company and the call volume they receive. For example, one technician might only work on refrigerator repair, or washer and dryer repair. This would allow the technician to really master the art of fixing all the different types of appliances in that category. For the most common cases, an appliance repair technician is going to be services a wide variety of different appliances. Some washer machines, some microwaves, some dishwashers or freezers, etc. An appliance repair technician that works for themself means they are going to have to field all the different variety of calls that come in. 

There are some situations where an appliance repair technician might be getting such a high volume of customers that they can start to select what types of repairs they do and do not want to do. If there is a certain type of repair they don't enjoy as much or it doesn't make them as much money, then they can start to choose other calls instead of these ones. It all depends on how many customers they are brining in and if saying no to those clients is going to hurt their income or not. Once you get to a certain call volume though you really have to say no or start scheduling out your customers because you can only repair so much as one service tech. This brings us to the idea of scaling a business as an appliance repair technician. 

If one service repair technician starts to get too many calls that they aren't able to fulfill, then it could be the time to hire an additional technician. This will allow more time between the two of them and it will grow the business because it will be able to take in more customers. 

Being an appliance repair technician isn't too complicated when it comes to how the business works, however there are a lot of things to learn in order to be good at the job.