Covid Impact On Appliance Repair

As many of you have been wondering, we wanted to address how Covid has effected the appliance repair business. Due to government regulations we have to comply with there are have been some changes to how our business and others are going about repairing appliances. 

Some appliance repair technicians have stopped doing home visits and instead of them coming to your home to fix your appliance you have to bring your appliance in to the shop in order for it to be fixed. Although this creates a major inconvenience to the customer is does allow the sanitation aspect of repairing your appliance to be more safe as the appliance is sanitized before it enters the shop and then sanitized again before it returns home. 

Other appliance repair businesses in the Yakima area have continued to visit homes to repair appliances. While visiting these homes the repair technicians are wearing masks and they are abiding by appropriate social distancing regulations. They also are asking any home owners who are purchasing the appliance repair service to abide by these standards as well and to sanitize the appliance area in their home where the service professional will be working, both before and after the service is provided. 

It’s important to take into consideration the seriousness of the covid situation while at the same time remember that importance of keeping the home running smoothly and also keeping local businesses open. There are a lot of businesses that have suffered from the Covid pandemic and it’s important to shop local and support these businesses that might be having a hard time. 

Appliance use, specifically washers and dryers have gone up due to people washing materials more often than normal. You can also set the settings on your dishwasher to steam clean at a high temperature to help disinfect any dishes you have. High temperatures and the correct cleaning materials are going to help in killing off any unwanted germs. Remember that your appliances are an item in your home that you frequently touch and so their surfaces are important to clean. 

To everyone that has gone through a hardship during this time of Covid please know that we understand your hardship and want to offer any type of help we can. If you have an appliance in need of service or repair please give us a call and we would be happy to help you out and get your house back to normal. When an appliance goes out in a home it is often shocking to see how much we rely on our appliances. Each appliance has a specific job and when they are unable to do that job anymore then we realize how much we appreciate having them around. If you have an appliance that has gone down and isn’t working properly then you can relate to what we are saying. So lets do all that we can and repair and service our appliances to keep the house functioning as normal and our businesses too.