Microwave Repair

Microwave repair is actually more common than most people think, however we know there are a number of people that instead of repairing their microwave they are more prone to throw that microwave away and just buy a new one. Calling an appliance repair company can do you some good because you can ask them about microwave repair and get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix a microwave and then you can compare that cost to what you would be spending if you just went out and bought a new microwave instead. 

Microwaves come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Some microwaves are very small and can only fit a bowl of soup or a coffee cup inside of them. These microwaves are more commonly found in small working environments where someone just needs a small snack wormed up. Then you have the common house size microwave that can fit a variety of different household dishes and might even be big enough to fit two dishes inside depending on their size. These are the size of microwaves we typically are fixing because of how common they are. Next you have a commercial size microwave that you would find in a restaurant and these are large and powerful. Now that we have discussed the different sizes that microwaves come in, let us talk about the different types of styles microwaves can be because you might have one of these styles and are in need of some microwave repair service. 

The two main types of microwaves can be determined by how they open. One form of microwave, which is probably the most common, opens with a door that swings open and then you can place your item inside. These types of microwaves are usually placed on a counter top, over the stove with a fan built into it, or placed in a cabinet. Some microwaves get their own custom shelf or cabinet for them to live in. 

The second type of microwave opens with a drawer. These microwaves are usually installed below the countertop so when the drawer opens you can easily set an item inside the drawer and then close the microwave just like you would any other drawer you have in your kitchen. An attractive factor to this style of microwave is that they seem like they are out of site and can easily blend into your existing kitchen landscape. A downside to the drawer style microwave is that they are harder to clean and they are harder to fix if they are secured into an existing cabinet. 

Any type of microwave that is installed into a cabinet or kitchen wall is going to be harder to repair because work to remove and re-install the microwave has to be done in addition to the repair process. A microwave on a countertop or just sitting inside a cabinet is going to be the easiest to repair if that time comes.