Washer Machine Clogged With Hair

If you are a pet owner you should read this article because we are going to share with you a common call that comes in that can be simple avoided at home. The problem comes from hair. Most common with dogs and cats but we find their hair on all our things in the house and often those times end up in the washer machine. If you have dogs or cats at home and you know when I’m talking about then you will be happy to know there is a simple solution to this problem. 

You see when a lot of cat and dog hair gets into a washing machine it can cause a clog. Hair often will go through the washer machine system and then get stuck in a filter that stand between the drum of the washer machine and the exit on the back of the washer machine. A lot of home owners don’t even know there is a filter inside their washer machine but there is. There might be some washer machines that don’t have a filter but we figured this is common enough that we should mention it here because when there is a filter and a lot of pet hair it is bound to get clogged. 

What happens when the filter in a washer machine gets clogged with pet hair is the washer machine will have a hard time passing water through the pipes meaning it will have trouble draining. If you are able to locate the filter on your washer machine every so often then you would be able to remove the hair from the filter and prevent any clogs from happening. 

What usually happens is the washer machine gets clogged up and the home owner doesn’t know what is happening or how to fix it. They then call a service repair technician and the appliance repair man or woman comes out to their house and simply cleans the filter for them. If you have a kind appliance repair technician they will show you how to fix this problem yourself because it really don’t take that much time and it will save you money if you are able to perform the task yourself instead of hiring an appliance repair company to do it for you. 

So if you are a pet owner, you have dogs or catch or anything else that sheds fur, keep this in mind and the next time you notice something is funky with your washer machine try to clean the filter before calling an appliance repair company and it might save you some money. It’s a simple fix and we though we would help you out on this one, because next time when it is a different repair you will know who to call. Whenever you have an appliance repair needed you can give us a call and we will be able to help you fix your appliance and get your house back to normal operation.