Appliance Repair Technician Job Description

Appliance repair technician job description

Appliances are something that enables us to do daily tasks with much ease or without putting in much effort. To take an example, think about washing your clothes with your bare hands and soap. Chances are by the time you will be done with your clothes, your hands will become all mushy, wet, and you will be tired. However, with the help of an appliance such as a washing machine, all you will have to do is put the clothes in the washing machine, add some water and soap, and turn on the machine. Your dirty clothes will be washed by the time you will drink your tea. It is a fast, efficient, and easier way to get done with your daily tasks. 

However, these appliances required constant eye keeping and lookout for things that might get broken or need replacement or maybe simple maintenance. These tasks are done by an appliance repair technician. But, to complete the job a technician needs to be aware of how the machine works, trained, and have to experience.  If you are thinking about becoming a technician and wondering about what will be your job description and how to become one, then keep reading. 

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The job description of a technician

  • The very first duty of a technician is to first examine the appliance for its defect. Once the defect is found, the cause of the defect is determined. Once the technician has figured out everything, they can proceed to repair the appliance. 
  • The next point in the job description of a technician is to perform maintenance on working appliances. This is essential for the machine to keep working without getting broken. 
  • Estimating the cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement of the parts is another point in the job description of a technician. 
  • Once the estimation of the charges is complete, the technician will repair or replace the broken parts of an appliance after getting the approval of the customer. 
  • After fixing the appliances, the technician will explain to the customers how they can keep using the appliance properly without breaking it. 
  • Installation of the appliance is another part of a technician’s job. The installation is hard, complex, and can be dangerous when someone without proper training handles it. 
  • The second last job requirement of a technician is to maintain an account/record about parts or items that were repaired or replaced. 
  • The last requirement is to collect the payment and billings from customers. 

Appliance repair technician job requirements

  • High school or completed diploma. 
  • Degree from an Industrial Training Institute will be essential to provide proof of complete training. 
  • Proven real-life experience of working on the maintenance, installation, or repair of appliances. 
  • Applicants must be able to handle different hand tools. 
  • The job also required the technician to be able to stand or work for a long period of time without getting tired. 
  • The ability to lift heavy machinery or objects is another important requirement. 
  • A problem-solving attitude will go a long way. 
  • Efficient communication skills will be beneficial. 
  • Exceptional customer service skills will be an add-on to the resume.