Is Appliance Repair Worth It?

Is appliance repair worth it?

Appliances are not eternal beings. Means they do have an expiration date or they break down. But when it happens people often have two options: repair the appliance or replace it with a newer model. Sometimes throwing an appliance and buying a new one is a much financially wise decision than investing in the repair of the appliance. However, sometimes repairing the appliance or replacing one or two parts makes a much wiser choice.  Although, it’s not always an easy decision to make between these two. So, if you are also struggling with the idea of repairing the appliance or simply replacing it with a newer one, then you are at the right place. Today in this article, we are going to share a few key points that will help you decide about is appliance repair worth it?

Before we proceed with the article, here’s a quick tip:

“The very first thing here to check is the cost of repair. If the cost to repair is more than 50% of the cost of buying the new item then buy a new one.” Royce Palmer, president of Columbia Appliance, a retailer in Columbia, Missouri. 


Let’s look at key points to notice

The age of the appliance 

After estimating the cost of repair, you might want to look out for the age of the appliance. Is it the same appliance that your mom was using when you were a kid? If it’s that old, then chances are it breaks down now and then. If that’s the case, then replacing it will be a good idea rather than repairing it. 

Here’s a list of appliances with their lifetime:

  • Dryer: 13 years
  • Dishwasher: 9 years
  • Disposal: 12 years
  • Gas range: 15 years
  • Exhaust fan: 10 years
  • Freezer: 11 years
  • Compactor: 6 years
  • Refrigerator: 13 years
  • Microwave: 9 years 
  • Range hood: 14 years
  • Electric range: 13 years 
  • Washer: 10 years

Energy efficiency rating

Is your current appliance using more energy than it should? Today almost every appliance comes with a 5-star energy saving rating that enables them to work without using extra electricity. If rather than repairing your current appliance you are considering buying a new one that with 4+-star energy saving ratings then go ahead. This will be a responsible decision both energy efficiency and financially wise. 

Will maintenance increases the life of the appliance

Sometimes all an appliance needs are regular maintenance. If your appliance is working properly and you are doing scheduled maintenance and check-up then its life will increase. The difference in increase can be from months to years. 

For example, checking the exhaust vent of your clothes dryer at least once a year just to check if the air is flowing easily, will contribute hugely to prolonging the dryer’s life. 

Styling matters

If you are using a 10 years old refrigerator that just broke down. If you are considering replacing it with a newer one that will match other appliances of your home rather than repairing it. Well, in such a case, if you can afford it then surely go for it. 

After all, it is your hard-earned money and your choices.