Why appliance repair is so expensive

Why appliance repair is so expensive

If you are an adult who is reading this article then chances are you get the frustration behind having our appliance break down. In some cases, the appliance repairman comes, fixes the issue, and charges $50. But sometimes (maybe you are having a really bad day),  he/she will check the appliance for 10-15 minutes and bill you almost $150 saying that you need new parts to replace. During all this time you are left wondering why it is so expensive to have your appliance repaired when all he did was fiddle around for 10 minutes. 

Today, we are going to answer your question about why appliance repair is so expensive.

There was an article published in the New York Times regarding why appliance repair is so expensive. There an appliance repair technician answered that: 

  • Travel & Education: They have to travel around at least twice a year to get training about how to fix newer models of appliances. Unless technicians are up to date with the technology they won’t be able to fix the machine let alone not break it further. So, the cost of traveling, staying at the hotel, and the ticket to the seminar/training all add up to the cost that the technician has to pay. Now when you are charged with the repair cost, he/she will be getting his/her money back. 
  • Research: Research is another reason why appliance repair is so expensive. During the same interview, the technician said that sometimes they have to pull the whole nighter just to figure out problems.
  • Fixed cost: Cost of the insurance, office space, truck maintenance, office equipment, staff spendings, and many other small to big spendings. All of these costs are paid by the customer. 
  • Cost of parts: The repair technician will not charge you blindly for all the expenses he made. These are just the things cost that takes up so little percentage of your repair. The major reason why appliance repair is so expensive is the cost of replacing a part of the appliance. The cost of the part is decided by the company whose product you are using. And, trust me there is a big share of revenue these companies generate by selling only replacement parts of their product. 

To sum it up let’s read a story: Once a ship was floating just fine when something happened and it stopped in the middle of the water. Nobody knew what to do in this situation but luckily they found a technician on the ship among passengers. They asked him for help by promising they will pay for his work and he agreed. The technician visited the ship and went into the engine room. He fiddles around for 10 minutes and starts hitting one part of the engine with that. By the time he has hit only 3-4 times, and it solved the problem. 

The caption asked him how much he owns him, the technician said $250. It was surprising for the caption as he said but you only hit that part 2-3 times and did nothing else. On this, the technician said that hitting the part cosṣt $50 but knowing where to hit cost another $200.